One of the first things you'll need to do in a new house or apartment is cook things. The microwave gets old really fast if you want something that actually tastes good and doesn't come with a million grams of salt. Therefore, it's important to pick up at least some basic cookware.

The easiest way to get the pots and pans you need for making dinner is to grab a cookware set. These sets include all of the basics like soup pots, skillets, griddles, and saucepans. Such items can also be purchased separately or in sets that simply have multiple sizes of the same thing. The latter collections are good if you tend to do a lot of the same type of cooking rather than a mix of kinds.

Before a major holiday like Christmas, Easter, or New Year's, you should also be sure to get yourself a roasting pan. A roaster doesn't have to be huge. Whole turkeys need big pans, but chickens, beef roasts, or turkey breasts can usually be done in much smaller bakeware. In fact, it's best to get a roaster that closely matches the size of what you intend to cook. This way, the juices will be less prone to being baked away.

Another type of pans will be required to cover your baking needs. You'll surely want to make some cookies, a cake, or a pie at some point. Therefore, you should get baking pans that will cover the sizes commonly called for in recipes.

One of the best places to get all of the basics for your kitchen is KitchenAid's online store. They offer far more than just mixers. You can also find all of the cookware you need on sale, and with free shipping to boot!

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If there's an item you can't find at the KitchenAid store, such as a cast iron skillet, you should be sure to try Amazon.


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