Once you've outfitted your new apartment or house with all of the basics for cooking lunch and dinner, you'll find that you need one more type of basic cooking pans: Bakeware. Baking pans are needed to make good cookies, pies, and cakes of all sorts. Forget about microwaving a dessert in your coffee cup - proper bakeware can be obtained for very reasonable prices, and it allows you to produce results that are actually good.

Someone who loves to bake, or even who just doesn't want to settle for the stuff from the grocery deli, will find that three items are absolutely essential for being able to make proper desserts: A cookie sheet, two cake pans, and a pie pan. If you're into making bread, add two big loaf pans on top of that.

Here are some suggestions for good start-up baking pans:


Wilton Recipe Right Cookie/Baking Sheet, 17-1/4 by 11-1/2-Inch

When it comes to cookie sheets, there's no need to go bananas. A basic one that is of decent quality will do the job well. The one thing you should insist on, however, is that the pan is BIG. Cookies and biscuits are made in batches, usually with at least 12 items in each. Jelly roll cake isn't small either. So get the biggest pan you can fit into your oven!


OvenStuff Non-Stick 9 Inch Round Cake Pan Two Piece Set

Whether you make your cakes from scratch or use a mix, you'll need pans to put the batter into. Most recipes call for two, 9-inch pans. This set will do the job nicely.
Rubbermaid Servin' Saver Cake Keeper
It's really annoying to make a cake and then have no way to keep it fresh! Avoid the need to improvise by picking up this cake cover at the same time you get your pans. The lid snaps down to the base to make a great seal. Reviewers note that if it won't snap, that means the base is upside-down. Switch it and it'll work fine.
OvenStuff Non-Stick 9 Inch Pie Pan Two Piece Set
These are basic 9" pie pans of the standard depth. Their non-stick coatings make it easier to get the pie out.
Good Cook 9 Inch Ceramic Deep Dish Pie Pan, Red
If you like to make deep dish pies, no standard  pie dish will do the job. This ceramic deep dish pie pan can hold tons of filling. It requires about 1-1/2 recipes' worth of crust to fill.
Wilton Excelle Elite 9-1/4-By-5-1/4-Inch Loaf Pan
These pans are great for making bread from scratch. It's the perfect size for many of the recipes on AllRecipes and other baking sites. Grab two; many recipes produce two loaves!